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Bathroom Cabinets

A bathroom cabinet or cupboard is placed in the bathroom and helps in keeping your bathroom neat, tidy and provides a practical storage solution for bathroom essentials. These cabinets can be put near the wall of bathroom, bathroom door or sink and can also be fixed on wall. The cabinets which are fixed on wall are also known as sink cabinets while the cabinets which are placed on floor are known as floor standing cabinets.

Narrow and tall cabinets are generally prefered where the floor space is limited and are usually placed in the corner area of bathroom. The large and wide cabinets can be placed along the sink or along the bathroom wall while smaller to medium size cabinets can be fixed above the sink or in the corner area of bathroom wall. These wall fixed cabinets also comes with the mirror option i.e. a looking mirror is fixed on the front side of the cabinet door.

The types of bathroom cabinet are as follows -

  • Bathroom cabinet with open front ended shelves. This can be found in both the tall and wide range
  • Wide and tall bathroom cabinet with 2 door. This type also comes with open shelves and drawers option.
  • Tall narrow bathroom cabinet with 1 door, open shelves and drawers.
  • Medium size bathroom cabinets with 1 or 2 door having open shelves or 2,3 drawers and open shelves.
  • Small cabinets with/without mirror having 1 or 2 door which can be fixed on wall.

    The cabinets or cupboards which comes with the drawer or door option have a handle or knob attached to it, behind which you will find the storage space. These cabinets are made from stainless steel, solid hardwood oak and pine and the number of shelves, drawers and depth depends upon the size of cabinet. Some of the cabinets also come with adjustable or removable shelves option which can be adjusted/removed according to one's need. The effect and color of the bathroom cabinet can be found in white, metallic, wooden, lacquer and black finish. You can also find scratch resistant and cabinets made from environment friendly materials in the market. Before buying a bathroom cabinet make sure that whether it requires a product assembly or it comes readymade assembled.

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