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Coffee Tables

A coffee table is generally placed in the living room. When we are sitting on a sofa, we use coffee table to place our coffee cups and glasses. Sometimes we also place magazines, newspapers, remote controls and other small items of living room on coffee table. In some coffee tables you also find a lower shelf which can be used to store small books and weekend papers. Some of these tables do come with the drawers option which provides an ample and efficient storage space for you CD's and DVD's. The number of drawers can be 1,2,4,6 and its length, width and depth depends upon the size of a table. We can find a wide range of wooden and metal tables in traditional, contemporary, modern and stylish design. Usually a coating is applied on the wooden coffee table to protect them from scratches which occurs from day to day activity. To protect the wooden table from scratches you have to apply a thin coating 3-4 times in a year. Today, you can also find coffee tables which are made from environmentally friendly materials. When you buy the table make sure to know that whether it is readymade assembled or it requires self assembly.

Some of the variations, types and features of coffee tables are as follows -

  • A coffee table can have a wooden or glass top.
  • A coffee table can be of low height also.
  • The wooden coffee tables are made from pine, teak or oak wood. Metal tables can also be found in chrome, black, brown and gold finish.
  • The shape of a coffee table can be oval, round & circular, square and rectangular.
  • The size of a coffee table can be small, medium, large and extra large.
  • The effect, color and finish of a wooden coffee table can be in dark, light, rustic, walnut, maple, yew, mahogany, veneered, oil & wax coating and beech. If you are selecting a glass coffee table then you have the option of selecting a clear glass or frosted glass finish.

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