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Dressing Tables, Stools & Mirror

A dressing table is placed in the bedroom and is basically used as a dressing area and for storage purpose. The top of the table is used to place a mirror and other dressing materials which are used when you are getting ready to go out for work. It can be found in traditional, contemporary and modern range. The dressing table comes with or without the drawers and cupboard section. The size of drawers and cupboards are based on the dimensions of the dressing table. The drawers and cupboards are made in such a way that these are easily approachable for closing and opening while you are sitting. These days self closing drawers are also available in the market. The variations and types of dressing tables are as follows -

  • Dressing table with left side drawers.
  • Dressing table with right side drawers.
  • Dressing table with drawers on both sides of the table.
  • Dressing table with drawers on left side and cupboard on the right side.
  • Dressing table with drawers on right side and cupboard on the left side.

    Dressing table which have drawers or cupboards on both side of the table often comes with a sliding tray which is fixed to the center and on the bottom side of the table.

    Dressing Stool
    Dressing Stool provide a convenient place to sit and get ready and can be easily placed under the dressing table when you are ready to go out. Moreover it also provides an extra sitting in the bedroom. The dressing stool often comes with or without storage option. A dressing stool with storage provides an extra space to keep small dressing items. This storage place is made under the cushion of the dressing stool.

    Both the dressing table and stool are made from pine, teak or oak wood. The finish and the color can be in white, beech, maple, mahogany, yew, rustic, dark, light and wax.

    Dressing Mirror
    Dressing mirror also comes with the drawer option. Triple mirrors are also available which are fixed on the wooden frame and have foldable sides. The front part of the frame has a large mirror and the side parts have smaller mirror, these side mirrors provide a side view of your face/body when you are getting ready.

    Dressing table, stool and mirror each of these can be bought individually. Before buying make sure that whether the dressing table comes readymade assembled or a self assembly is required.

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