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Lamp Tables

A lamp table is placed in the bedroom, living room or dining room and can light up the corner of any room. It can be square or round in shape and is made from wood and glass. In living room it can be placed near the sofa or armchair. In dining room it can be placed near the dining table and in bedroom it can be placed near your bed. It can be found in traditional, contemporary and modern design style. The top of the lamp table can be used for display purpose like placing photo frames, glass pots etc.

The lamp table which come with the drawer option is a useful storage solution to organize and place small items. The number of drawers in a lamp table can be 1 or 2 and its storage space depends upon the dimensions of the lamp table. The drawer is fitted with a handle or a knob and wooden/glass runners which is used for opening and closing the drawer. In some lamp tables you also find that a self is placed just below the top of lamp table or at the bottom just above the legs of lamp table, this self can be used to place small books and magazines.

Lamp table is made from pine and oak wood. The wood finish and color of a lamp table can be dark, light, rustic, walnut, maple, yew, ash mahogany, lacquered, veneered, oil & wax coating and beech. To protect the table from scratches usually a coating is applied 3-4 times in a year.

Glass lamp table are available in clear glass or frosted glass finish.

The types of and variations of lamp table are as follows -

  • wooden/glass lamp table with no drawers or below shelf
  • wooden/glass lamp table with drawers and no shelf at the bottom
  • wooden/glass lamp table with drawers and shelf at the bottom
  • Lamp table of low and tall height

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