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Shoe Cabinets / Cupboards

A shoe cabinet or cupboard is used to place and organize your shoes at a proper place. The number of shoes that can be stored depends upon the size of a cabinet or cupboard. It can be placed in the hallway, living room or near the wall under the stairs or near the entrance of your home. The top of the cabinet/cupboard is also a useful storage space and can be used for display purpose. These shoe cabinets/cupboards are usually bought when there is no space left in or under the wardrobe. Some cabinets/cupboards are narrow in width but taller in height, the usefulness of these types of cabinets is that it frees up some floor space in case there is less floor space available in the hallway.

The shoe cabinet/cupboard comes with following variations and types

Open cabinet
In this type there are no doors or drawers in the cabinet. There are open shelves in the cabinet which are used for shoe storage. Generally, you will find these cabinets in 2, 3, 4 or 5 shelf types.

Cabinet/cupboard with door
In this type the front of the cabinet is attached with a lockable/unlockable door. There are mutiple shelves in these types of door cabinets/cupboards.

Cabinet/Cupboard with drawers
In this type the drawers are fitted in the cabinet which are used to place your shoes. The number of drawers depends upon the size of the cabinet.

Cabinet/Cupboard with door and drawers
In this type usually the upper part of the cabinet have drawers and the below part have shelves whose front end is fitted with lockable/unlockable door. Generally these types of cabinets/cupboards provides a range of storage option than the cabinets which only have the door or drawers option.

Metal Cabinet
Metal cabinet usually have the open shelves which are used for shoe storage. We can also find metal cabinets which can be easily separated and converted into multiple independent sections. You can find these metal cabinets in chrome, white and black finish.

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