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We have a wide range of oak and pine wardrobes with single (1 door), double (2 door) and triple (3 door) listed on our website. Some of the wardrobes also come with drawers option which provides an additional storage space and are placed at the bottom part of the wardrobe. These wardrobes provide an adequate storage space to keep your clothes in a orgainzed way. and are available in finish like white painted and wood, maple, mahogany, beech and rustic.

A brief detail of what is discussed above and what is listed in our wardrobes range are as follows -
  • Range - 1,2 and with 3 doors
  • Form - Pine and oak wood
  • Mirror Option - Available with both the option of with and without mirror
  • Drawers Option - yes, option of 1,2 or 3 drawers
  • Finish - White, painted and polished in beech, mahogany, maple, dark and light color
  • Assembling - Comes in both the option of self assembling as well as readymade assembling
    For a complete information regarding the type, size & dimension and finish of these combination, antique replica, mirror wardrobes and reclaimed wardrobes, please have a look at the below mentioned list of our wardrobes.

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    FJ furniture collections and editions for your home
    574237   English Heritage Wardrobe 2 Door GBP 499
    English Heritage Wardrobe 2 Door - The high quality unit is prepared from solid (hard and firm) pine (pine wood or timber) throughout and is Crafted (made) using dovetail joints (tight interlocking joints) for added stability. Check...p=81.10%
    571689   Arabella Painted Wardrobe GBP 185
    Arabella Painted Wardrobe - Second only to the bed, the wardrobe is the most important piece of furniture in the bedroom. The contrasting danish bun feet are an additional (extra) characteristic of this charming arabella painte...p=98.08%
    588862   English Heritage Wardrobe Triple GBP 775
    English Heritage Wardrobe Triple - The traditional (characteristic of the older styles) design of the english heritage variation and range is set off with wonderful, pleasing and satisfying engraved detailing on the wardrobe doors. Si...p=78.25%
    571690   Arabella Painted Wardrobe Triple GBP 349
    Arabella Painted Wardrobe Triple - This massive arabella painted wardrobe also comes with four bottom drawers (provides ample storage space) for extra storage that are secured using dovetail joints (tight interlocking joints) for ex...p=78.70%
    553024   Provence Wardrobe Triple GBP 675
    Provence Wardrobe Triple - Made with a solid (hard and firm) pine (pine wood or timber) frame (hard and rigid structure) , and boxed drawers (provides ample storage space) , this wardrobe offers both, a vast space for ha...p=74.89%
    571732   Contemporary Oak Wardrobe With Drawers GBP 575
    Contemporary Oak Wardrobe With Drawers - Our contemporary (of the present time) oak (oak wood or timber) wardrobe with drawers (provides ample storage space) is an innovative (characterized by innovation, forward looking, modern and advance...p=67.46%
    589711   Oxbury Pine Wardrobe Gents GBP 349
    Oxbury Pine Wardrobe Gents - Oxbury pine (pine wood or timber) Wardrobe Gents...p=65.79%
    543572   Contemporary Oak Wardrobe GBP 475
    Contemporary Oak Wardrobe - When investing in a wardrobe, anyone who knows anything about clothes care will tell you that you need a storage space that is made from natural (pertaining to nature) materials to allow your clothes...p=85.71%
    587680   English Heritage Wardrobe 1 Door GBP 325
    English Heritage Wardrobe 1 Door - The english heritage one door wardrobe also features : (characteristic details) a spacious (ample space) drawer for helpful extra storage. See our delivery (to your designated address) page f...p=78.53%
    550362   Camden Painted Wardrobe GBP 349
    Camden Painted Wardrobe - Camden Painted Wardrobe...p=%
    426198   Mantis Light Solid Mango Wardrobe GBP 449.64
    Mantis Light Solid Mango Wardrobe - Solid (hard and firm) indian mango hardwood (compact wood). , our complete variation and range of furniture are handmade and these handmade furniture collection are crafted by our skilled person...p=53.76%
    636681   Clermont Triple Wardrobe GBP 849
    Clermont Triple Wardrobe - The clermont triple (threefold) wardrobe combines internal hanging space with three spacious (ample space) drawers (provides ample storage space) , ideal (perfect of its kind) for someone with...p=72.55%
    663081   Salisbury Oak Single Wardrobe GBP 499
    Salisbury Oak Single Wardrobe - The salisbury oak (oak wood or timber) single wardrobe is the perfect and exact solution for more modest spaces which still providing a generous amount of storage which is both practical and stylish ...p=84.72%
    605480   York Oak Triple Wardrobe GBP 750
    York Oak Triple Wardrobe - Perfect and exact for the dedicated follower of fashion, the york oak (oak wood or timber) triple (threefold) wardrobe's cavernous hanging space and two deep drawers (provide...p=81.15%
    641206   Aspen Full-length Wardrobe GBP 449
    Aspen Full-length Wardrobe - The wardrobe comes with a preference of handles allowing you to customise the look of the wardrobe to suit your taste. The aspen furniture variation and range has been made from crisp (neat, clear cu...p=62.05%
    425811   Baku Light Mango Wardrobe GBP 449.98
    Baku Light Mango Wardrobe - Manufactured (made) from only 100 (hundred) solid (hard and firm) mango hardwood (compact wood) , the baku collection is nothing less that spectacular. Please also check the that the product ...p=83.05%
    628178   Corona Pine Arched Wardrobe GBP 159
    Corona Pine Arched Wardrobe - The corona variation and range is built to a high standard (established by authority) using solid (hard and firm) pine (pine wood or timber) and comes with a waxed finish that lifts the grain...p=73.81%
    717964   Lyon Oak Single Wardrobe GBP 499
    Lyon Oak Single Wardrobe - Our narrow (limited extent) , space saving lyon oak (oak wood or timber) single wardrobe is a practical storage solution consisting of one single door wardrobe section complete with hanging rail an...p=%
    650519   Whitewash Wardrobe With Colour Options GBP 389
    Whitewash Wardrobe With Colour Options - About thuka (thuka mid and high sleeper bed range for children and kids room) trendybrand new from thuka (thuka mid and high sleeper bed range for children and kids room) , one of the world&am...p=61.08%
    634694   Aarhus White Painted Wardrobe GBP 175
    Aarhus White Painted Wardrobe - Featuring a crisp (neat, clear cut, sharp and sparkling) white painted finish and danish bun feet, this wardrobe will breathe new life into a tired bedroom. The aarhus white painted wardrobe has been...p=81.43%
    587734   Calgary Rustic Oak Gents Wardrobe GBP 499
    Calgary Rustic Oak Gents Wardrobe - The expert standards (established by authority) of construction at work in this excellent wardrobe ensure that it has the strength and solid (hard and firm) ity that it needs to last for many years, ...p=76.90%
    587609   Calgary Rustic Oak Triple Wardrobe GBP 699
    Calgary Rustic Oak Triple Wardrobe - Its expert construction from 100 (hundred) solid (hard and firm) oak (oak wood or timber) makes sure that this wonderful, pleasing and satisfying wardrobe really has both the style and the durability...p=76.80%
    636679   Clermont Full Hanging Wardrobe GBP 299
    Clermont Full Hanging Wardrobe - A lacquered (a protective coating is applied which consist of a resin or cellulose ester and is then dissolved into a volatile solvent. In some cases pigment is also added to the dissolved solvent) f...p=56.13%
    587715   Corona Pine Triple Wardrobe GBP 225
    Corona Pine Triple Wardrobe - The corona pine (pine wood or timber) triple (threefold) wardrobe has enough storage for all of your favourite clothes. All products in this variation and range come with black polished (finish is ma...p=80.64%
    718260   Lyon Petite Oak Gents Wardrobe GBP 449
    Lyon Petite Oak Gents Wardrobe - Our lyon petite gents wardrobe is an elegant (graceful) addition to your bedroom. Crafted (made) from solid (hard and firm) oak (oak wood or timber) and high quality oak (oak wood or timber) vene...p=%

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